Last Thursday 14th May I finally lay ‘LOOKING FOR LOVE’ to bed as far the post –production process. I started shooting at Carnival 2013 and now the creation is complete. Of course it is not the end of the journey as another just as important process of reaching the cinemas and marketing is about to begin.

Looking For Love

Looking For Love

But for now I can bask in the glory of completion like a painter who has completed the last stroke. Making a film requires teamwork and I am so grateful for all the people who have helped me along the way. My production crew, who stuck with me all the way, giving their time – when sometimes all I could offer them were expenses. To all those in front of the camera that gave time to be interviewed. To those who gave me their venues to shoot and to those who organized and those who contributed towards my crowdfunding campaign. All those ‘ little people’ who gave me encouragement and along the way. I give thanks and appreciation.



British Film Institute

British Film Institute

It’s only a week away before the Premiere at the British Film Institute on the 23 May and judging by the ticket sales it’s likely to be a sell out. The screening will take place in the main 400-seating auditorium. I am so excited now and can’t wait to feel people’s reactions.



The festival, which I founded back in 1999, rides again 2 to 5 July at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, North London. After a five-year absence it is back with an important line up of 24 films from across the African diaspora. What is unique about the festival is the range of titles it presents. It gives us here in London a glimpse of the vast range of films that have been produced with the last year that we rarely see. African American Hollywood often overshadows the fact that hundreds of films are made each year from across the black world reflecting a broader range of cultural experiences. This year we have independent films drawn from UK, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Africa, Caribbean that provide a different narrative to what we are often presented with.

black filmmaker international film festival - bfmiff2015

black filmmaker international film festival – bfmiff2015

In addition to the film programme the festival offers seminars and workshops for filmmakers and content producers who are making their way in the film/TV/Online industry. The industry is a changing world for emerging filmmakers. It’s all about digital content now created for online markets rather than traditional TV and film models of the past. New producers realize that the door into mainstream is not happening and are taking advantage of the emerging digital platforms to produce, exhibit and distribute their products. We are seeing a new genre of Web Series emerging that couldn’t exist before. So the festival wants to encourage filmmakers to develop their talent and projects in this new digital online era.

So hopefully I will see you at either the Premier and/or the bfm festival.