Thursday 2nd July sees the Opening Night of bfmiff2015 hosted by Presenter and Community Development Consultant Claire Clottey.

You may be familiar with Claire’s voice as the presenter of #TheConversation a news and current affairs talk show on Bang Radio 103.6FM. You may have seen Claire’s face as a contributor to the globally renowned JumpOffTVUK debates, presenter on #SoHeSays produced by multi-award winning web series producers Brothers With No Game (Leon Mayne, Creative Director, from this hugely successful web series is presenting a bfmiff2015 seminar with ‘Venus vs Mars’ writer, Baby Isako). Claire  also hosted the important NaturalHairWeekUK2015 event. Whatever your interaction, any encounter with Claire Clottey is guaranteed to leave you feeling informed, entertained and inspired!

bfmiff2015 warmly welcomes Claire as host for the Q&A with iconic Director Menelik Shabazz. His film, ‘Looking For Love’ will open the festival. From 6pm, there will be a reception, entertainment – as well as engaging (and heated!) conversation about the themes delivered by the film; relationships and love.

Click here to buy your tickets for this exciting event. We can’t wait to see you!