Scrolling through the selection I came to a particular title ‘Beauty is’. The name instantly strikes you. Beauty…Beauty…What is beauty?

This film explores why so many black women want to change their appearance to look lighter, to have more hair, to use products that erase the fact that they are born black. And this is the case with many ethnicities.

Beauty Is

Beauty Is

The film tells the opinions of women from every age and why they go to such lengths to construct the perfect image of themselves. There’s also an interesting topic explored in the film on afro hair. Most girls in the film claim they don’t grow out their hair for fear of being stereotyped or labelled ‘African queen’. They give honest answers and their side of the story.

We also refreshingly hear the sides of what men think about current trends, which include skin lightening, hair extensions, and in general, body enhancers. What is hopeful is hearing them openly say that they prefer natural beauty – maybe it is not too late to help females realise that they should be happy with themselves.

Beauty is being yourself, being content with what you see. Beauty is on the inside as well as out. It may be easy to say, but less easy to do as there are so many obstacles complicating the journey to inner beauty. In a time where supermodels and celebrities help us form opinions, it can become an addiction trying to be like the celebrity you admire. Toyin Agbetu’s film helps us to analyse why we do what we do for beauty.

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