Shurwin Harewood gives us 5 top tips for lighting. He will be giving a workshop looking at the impact of LED lighting across the film, video and television production industry on Sunday 5th July at 14:30

  1. When dealing with daylight exterior shoots, the use of bounce cards/reflectors come in handy
    for illuminating the actors/talent faces, without the need for extra lighting. Also a silk or diffusion type
    material are great especially on a bright day, as they soften light and reduce overexposure.
  2. When budgeting and scheduling a shoot many hire companies may offer 3 days hire for
    the cost of 2 days or weekend hires specials. Bank holiday weekends are the best value as
    you can collect Friday and return Tuesday.
    This is only cost effective if you actually use those additional shooting days for scenes
    that need to be lit.
  3. LED lighting options offer flexibility and portablity over traditional tungsten and HMI
    ones, as they can be battery powered, handheld or mounted without cables.
    Meaning the need for power sockets and accidents with cords are removed.
  4. If you’re planning your shoot understand your lighting requirements or make
    sure the person responisible for it knows what is needed through a briefing.
    Having to change or adapt scenes or a shoot on the fly can create havoc with your
    budget, crew and talent.
    For example if there is insufficient lighting for the scene, by increasing the video gain or
    iso on a camera means you lose shadow and contrast detail, depending on scene or
    scenes this can impact on editing and grading down the line.
  5. Check any lighting equipment before leaving the rental place if hiring.
    Do you have spare bulbs, gels, diffuser are these supplied or an added cost?