A destination. What does it feel like to reach? The current nature of humanity is that it’s never satisfied; ergo, when one reaches, there is either the looking back or ahead from one’s current position, or what we’d previously called a destination. The place we said we wanted to be. This sounds like a lamentation. Is it not enough to be alive and have effort to swivel one’s head to and fro, back and forth to survey the landscape, which we at least, metaphysically conjured? It must be then the intent of such movement, which gets us to a place.

The black filmmaker international film festival (bfmiff2015) has arrived. We are at a place. July will see the first outing of what we consider to be a precious entity. Precious, because of what lies at its heart, the intent in ‘brining the unseen to light’. We don’t have to tell you what it’s like out there trying to tell stories – because that’s what filmmaking essentially is. Storytelling. The contents of the perennial proverb of lions, hunters and stories have some…‘teeth’. The present mainstream creative narrative seamlessly obfuscates too many stories, where in its blindness leaves behind a path of…

What we’ve found on that path is life, vitality, energy, hope, strength, a steely resilience determined not to give up telling that story any time soon despite the obstacles! It’s these stories bfmiff2015 will offer voice to in July. There will be much on screen from differing countries as well as Britain. Ah, the screen. In a bond through collaborative insight, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre joins with us in endeavours to support and nurture filmic storytelling of which the festival forms one strand. The Centre’s name stands in the formidable aura of the late Bernie Grant whom honestly (?), we didn’t fully realise his strength until after his transition. We hope that realisation will bear good fruit for years to come.

The sharing of knowledge culminates in our Workshops and Seminars in a gathering of industry professionals; professionals that have decided to buck a trend and to do for self. Indeed technological capability provided the fertile soil to enable creative entrepreneurism and for many this has borne financial fruit, if not peer recognition. We can see much of this drive digitally where the Web Series has taken off. These experts in their fields will help to pave the way for burgeoning talent seeking insight into this business. These cocoons of nurturing are where we shall start to lay foundations for longevity, legacy and a persistence of storytelling.

In many ways bfmiff2015 is like an old man. Between its Founder and other team members, it has over 90 years combined industry experience. But as we continue building, it’s this portfolio of knowledge that will provide a Methuselah-like longevity to bfmiff2015.

We’ve much to add in the run up to the festival that will start Thursday 2nd July (to Sunday 5th July). Stay close for continued updates about bfmiff2015 and…

…thank you for joining us on a journey. Not a destination.