1. Be passionate and surround yourself with passionate people. 
There’s little to no money in online web-series unless you get major brand sponsors or are picked up by a channel, so if you’re creating a web series purely for a paycheque trust me there a-lot easier ways to getting paid. A lot of the web creators I meet create content purely out of passion, they want their voices heard, they’re creating content they can truly relate to and a lot them only ever really get anywhere because they surround themselves with individuals as passionate as they are. And thats what you need to do because a lot of the time you won’t be able to pay people, but if your passionate about what your trying to accomplish you may actually get them to believe in it too and be as passionate about bringing it to life as you are.
2. Understand your limitation but find ways around them.
So you want to create a good looking web series, you haven’t got access to high end equipment or the best actors or even a budget, so what do you do? You understand your limitations and work around them, theres no excuse, in the age of DSLR’s, you can create content that looks as good as what you see on TV on a minimal budget if you get a true understanding of your equipment and a post production pipeline. So you can’t afford top established actors, you don’t need them. Do you have any idea how much untapped talent we have in the UK, actors just wanting to work just to get there faces out there? It’s your job to find them and nurture them and help them become great. This doesn’t only apply to artist this also applies to make-up artists and production crew etc. There’re students out there right now studying to work in TV and film that would love to work with you as long as you have a can-do attitude and stick to tip number 1 be passionate.
3. Perseverance.
Nothing worth having comes easy or fast. Keep at it and always think back to why you started and what drove you in the first place to start creating. If you fall down, brush yourself off and get back up again.
4. You can always do better.
Try to be your own worst critique, where could you improve? What would you need to be to improve? How can you make it better? Listen to your audience. Youtube can be a very hurtful place when you start delving into comments but go through them because not everyones a hater! Have a listen to what people don’t like about it then try to improve on it. If you think their opinions could be valid, but never take it personally, just strive to do better.
5. Utilise Social Media.
You may not have a massive marketing budget, but guess what social media is free and most of the world is on it so utilise it all it takes is your time.
Victor pairs with Danielle A. Scott-Haughton (‘Dear Jesus’ creator) to present his Seminar;