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bfmiff2015 / bringing the unseen to light

bfmiff2015 generated a lot of interest and support.

Here are some important contributions discussing the significance of the festival and its value as a space for directors. Enjoy!

‘When I Was Water’

“I’m thrilled to have my film selected for bfmiff2015, especially as it is not a popular, commercial documentary. So bfmiff’s slogan of “bringing the unseen to light” is really relevant to this film, which no-one wanted to fund, no-one wanted to screen, and yet, it is probably one of the most important films about cross cultural interaction, urban migration and the impact of tradition in a modern world.”

David Forbes


Beauty Is

“It is wonderful being selected for inclusion in the BFM International Film Festival 2015. I have long been inspired by the important work of the BFM from the outside as a lover of African films. It is a privilege and coming-of-age to have my own work included within its groundbreaking body of historically important work.” Director Toyin Agbetu

Toyin Agbetu Director

American Beatboxer


Rich McKeown Executive Producer

As It Grows

“Film festivals serve very important functions for independent directors and their films. They are essential outlets for the dissemination of our narratives to reach a wider audience and also exposure for our talents that can lead to further industry recognition and more work.”

Dalian Adofo Director

Yellow Fever

“bfmiff2015 is an opportunity for our work as filmmakers to be recognised on a platform that appreciates Black Cinema in all its genres, understands the importance of representation, the power of hearing your own voice, and seeing your own creativity as a community. It is an extremely important step in raising the caliber and appreciation of Black filmmakers in England, and especially as a foreign representative from the continent, I am pleased to be included in this program. Thanks for having me!”

Ng'endo Mukii Director


“It’s an honour to have Supersonic included in the programme because it’s not often we get to make high quality dramas that showcase ethnic diversity within minorities such as the Deaf Community and more so this is recognised by a mainstream film festival that celebrates diversity.”

Samuel Dore Director


I’m really glad to be included in bfmiff2015’s official selection, it gives me an opportunity to reach a wider audience, which so invaluable when you have a story to tell. Film Festivals are really important especially for indie filmmakers as it gives us a platform to showcase our work and share our stories, and they can often be a way for those stories to be seen by the right people.

Eric Kolelas Director


Way back in 2001 bfmiff proved itself to be brave and visionary when it screened our feature length film ‘Injustice’ and gave it the best ‘Documentary Award’ when other festivals were being timid about even screening a film that the police were trying to ban. We have had a great respect for bfmiff since then and it’s an honour to be here again 14 years later with ‘Burn’.

Ken Fero Director

They Are We

I’m honoured and feel very privileged to be included in bfmiff2015. The crew of the movie included people from so many backgrounds, including our amazing partner filmmakers at We Own TV in Sierra Leone, and EICTV in Cuba where so many of the crew were trained, and it’s a real honour to be in a festival that celebrates much-needed diversity in filmmaking. It’s also a special privilege because so many of the fans the film has on social media are in London and it’s where I lived and studied for a decade, so it’s wonderful to be screening there.

Emma Christopher, Director

I plan to work in radio which uses a lot of social media. It will be a good opportunity to learn how companies use social media in comparison to personal use.

Tino Mupembe, CONEL College Media Student

Tino Mupembe, CONEL College Media Student, Tino Mupembe, CONEL College Media Student

The Legend of Ngong Hills

Film festivals are good for my growth as a director by providing a stage for audiences and other filmmakers to experience my work. Festivals are great for my film as it get’s seen by film lovers and critics. Festivals are critical for independent filmmakers as they provide a means for their films to be seen by audiences as well as be exposed to the possibility of greater distribution.

Kwame Nyong'o Director

Here, in the Creative Department at the college, we value all opportunities for students’ to work with employers and organisations to develop their employability skills. This is something we have always done as part of the curriculum and as an extra-curricular experience. bfmiff2015 will enable our creative students to use their journalistic, production and graphic design skills. They get the chance to work with Menelik Shabazz, a reputable film director and develop key contacts in the industry. All creative students need work experience and we are thrilled the organisers of bfmiff2015 have chosen to work with us.

Sharon Wallace, Lecturer, CONEL College

Any chance to be able to write will help me gain experience and better myself. As a journalist this is important to me.

Melina Zachariou, CONEL College Media Student

CONEL College, CONEL College